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With digitalisation of work at full speed, cyber-security is an increasingly important area of focus for many organisations.

In 2018, only 4 out 10 L&D leaders reported that their team is able to help their organisation manage risk successfully. 

There is a gap between the pace of technological development and the capabilities needed to mitigate the risk of cyber-attacks and to ensure breaches are handled expertly and efficiently.

This Towards Maturity Cyber Security Learning Pulse will gather data and insights to explore:

  • What are the main goals and pain-points organisations are grappling with around cyber-security capability?
  • What are some of the benefits organisations are achieving in cyber-security learning?
  • What digital technologies are being utilised to develop cyber-security capabilities?
  • How are organisations measuring impact of cyber-security learning?

Please take 10 minutes to stop and reflect on these questions and be the first to discover what we find out. As a thank you, we will share early insights from the report in November 2019.This is completely confidential
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What are the primary goals when it comes to cyber-security in your organisation?

What pain points are you facing in your organisation when it comes to cyber-security?
What is your primary role?
What is the size of your organisation?
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What Investments have you made in the following areas:
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Digital technology
Resources (people)
Leadership and management development
Internal report
What are the benefits your cyber-security learning is achieving in relation to the organisation?
This is a benefit we wanted and have achieved This is a benefit we wanted but haven't achieved This is not relevant to us
Mitigate risk to business
Increase on the job productivity
Building capability of organisation to solve problems
Meeting regulatory compliance
Bridging cyber-security skills gap
Tailored to companies' specific needs
Self-directed learning
Increased blended approach
Improving engagement
Drive innovation for business growth
Increase agile, continuous learning
Increasing support at the point of need
Increase accountability

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